We all know that healthy food can contribute to good health. But what exactly is healthy food, and how do we persuade consumers
to adopt a healthy lifestyle? These issues take centre stage during the Healthy Food Congress on 8 September 2017. Scientists, health care professionals, policymakers, metropolitan farmers, innovators and retailers in the field of fruit and vegetables are cordially invited to come and be informed and inspired, and to increase their understanding of how they can contribute to changes in consumer behaviour.

During the Healthy Food Congress 2017, international speakers ill take to the stage in The Hague to start a dialogue about the power of healthy food and to highlight possible ways to get people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Koen Joosten, an Erasmus MC
paediatrician and an initiator on behalf of the ‘Food for a better lifestyle’ foundation, says “What is unique is that we are connecting the healthcare world to entrepreneurs from the food sector, in particular the fruit and vegetable sector. We have to work together if we want to set a structural movement in motion for healthy food.”. For the first time this year, international colleagues are also involved in the congress, to shine a light on what is happening in Europe with regard to healthy food.

Movement in motion
“We know that everyone will identify with the idea of ‘healthy food’. This congress will provide new tools to promote healthy food,” says Gert Mulder, managing director of GroentenFruit Huis and co-initiator and member of the board for ‘Food for a better lifestyle’. “We will be looking for clever solutions, for instance getting people to eat more vegetables by providing snack vegetables in waiting areas or conference rooms.” He emphasises that healthy eating should be fun. “We are counting on enthusiasm from all fields: GPs, policymakers, metropolitan farmers, dieticians, speech therapists and retailers. By sharing knowledge, making connections and setting up new partnerships we can really start a movement.”